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Dress Code

All ballet students must wear leotards tights, above the knee skirt, pink ballet shoes, and hair pulled back. Other students must wear leotards tights and hair pulled back. They may wear above the knee skirts and jazz pants that do not drag the floor. Please contact your teacher for specific shoes. Male students may wear sweat suits, shorts, and t-shirts. Students not dress properly will not be allowed to dance.

...... Please Label all dance shoes with the student's name. ......


We expect your child to be in class each week as consistency is important for advancement. Please keep this in consideration when it is time to join other activities later in the season. We limit the class size and we want you to honor your commitment and complete the entire year. If you miss a class due to illness, call to arrange a makeup class and to save us anxiety as to why your child was absent. We will try to resolve any problems you or your child may have that could lead to discontinuing dance. A Perfect Attendance Award will be given at the recital if all classes are made-up.

  • Vacation days 2018-2019
  • Labor Day - Sept. 3rd
  • Halloween - Oct. 31st
  • Thanksgiving - Nov. 22nd
  • Christmas - Dec. 20th - 31st
  • New Years Day - Jan. 1st
  • Spring Break - March 25th - 28th
  • We do not close for McDowell County Schools Teacher's Work Days

In order for each child to learn as much as possible in each lesson, strict disciplinary rules will be enforced. Due to the number of students interested in taking dance class, a student who misbehaves cannot be allowed to take up time and space in class.

Bad weather

We do not always close for bad weather. Please listen to WBRM or call the studio by noon to see if we will have class. Sometimes the weather improves in the afternoon so even though public school is closed, we maybe opened. Contact the studio at 652-3197 before assuming we are closed.


Recital will be held end of May at East McDowell Jr High School

We will present all our students in the annual Recital at East McDowell JR High School at the end of our season. The recital is not mandatory but we feel it enhances a child's dance education. Costumes fees will be collected in November, children will be measured and costumes will be ordered by the studio for each child. A recital fee will be collected in March. All fees will be paid for by parents or the responsible person.

Each class will perform one or two numbers depending on the age and experience of the group. Concert Dancers and very advanced dancers may perform more.

Miss Jacie's Star System

Star System offers stars, ribbons, and trophies to be earned by students. This is to encourage effort, achievement, and good attendance. Ten Stars earns one ribbon. Five ribbons earn an Achievement trophy.

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