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Dancer 1 of the Month May 2019

My name is Madison Brown, I’m eighteen years old, and I have been dancing at Miss Jacies School of Dance for fifteen years. I take Ballet, Baton, Hip hop, Tap, and Jazz. My favorite style of dance is ballet. I also assist Miss. Jacie with some the younger girls. Dance has been a great part of my life for fifteen years and I’m sad that it has come to an end.


Dancer of the Month April 2019

My name is Olivia Grace Sigmon, but I like to go by Gracie. I’m 13 years old and I’m in the 7th grade at East Middle School. I have taken Ballet and Hip Hop at Miss Jacie's School Of Dance. This year I will be part of a Hip Hop Duet. I love dancing and listening to music.


Dancer of the Month March 2019

Gracie Johnson is 10 years old.

She is the daughter of David and Robin Johnson. She is currently in the 4th Grade at North Cove Elementary School.

Gracie enjoys Ballet and Baton classes at Ms. Jacie's School of Dance.


Dancer of the Month February 2019

Paisley Morgan is 6 years old. She is the daughter of BJ and Tiffany Morgan. Paisley is currently in the 1st grade at West Marion Elementary. She has one brother, Oaklee and one sister, Everly.

This is Paisley’s 5th year of dance. Her takes ballet, tap, and baton. Baton is her favorite class.


Dancer of the Month December 2018

Daphne Boykin is in her second year at Miss Jacies.

She is 5 years old and in her final year at McSmiles.

She loves dancing, playing barbies with her sister, and watching Dancing with the Stars.


Dancer of the Month November 2018

Autumn Duckett is 9 yrs old. She has been with Miss Jacie School of Dance, 3 years now. Autumn is a 3rd grader at Bell Elementary.


Dancer of the Month October 2018

My name is Lexie. I am four years old. I am the daughter of Gregg and Shanna Ligon of Marion. I enjoy riding rollercoasters, riding my bike, and playing with my dolls. This is my second year of dance with Miss. Jacie.


Dancer of the Month September 2018

Hi my name is Sierra Miller. I am 7 years old, I am in 2nd grade at Nebo Elementary and I love taking dance at Miss Jacie’s School of Dance. I take tap, jazz, baton and ballet.

I also attend Turkey Cove Baptist Church. I enjoy spending time with family, shopping, riding roller coasters and water rides, playing with my brother, reading and I want to be a teacher when I grow up.


Dancer of the Month August 2018

I am Ellie Walker. I am 6 years old and will be in the 1st grade at PG Elementary School. I have been taking dance at Miss Jacie's for 4 years. I enjoy taking tap, jazz and baton. I attend church at Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church. My Dad is Michael Walker and I enjoy dancing, playing with my Hatchimals, swimming going to school and riding the 4 wheeler with my Dad.


Dancer of the Year 2018

Hello! I am Hannah Strickland; I am 16 years old and a junior at McDowell High School.

I have been dancing at Miss Jacie's School of Dance for 10 years. I take Ballet, Concert (tap and Jazz) and Baton. This past November I was so excited to dance in The Macys Thanksgiving Day parade and from my very first dance class to competitions and recital, I have always loved dancing on stage. I am quiet when you meet me in person, but when I dance it is my voice, and I have loved every chance I get to dance! I have met many friends through dance, and it will always be a part of me in my heart. My future plans are to pursue and continue my education and career in cosmetology. I would love to work on movie sets and do make-up and hair. Thank you to all the dance teachers that have taught me so much, and thank you Mrs.Jacie!


Dancer of the Month May 2018

Kari Maney is the daughter of Sharon and Roger Maney. She is the younger sister to Kristin and Daniel Maney.

She started dancing with Miss Jacie’s before she started school and Miss Jacie, Miss Kristi and Miss Melanie have been a special part of her life throughout the last 15 years. In addition to her Senior Concert and Baton classes, she has loved being a helper with the younger students.

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