"Dancers are athletes of God" - Albert Einstein

Elite Petite, age 3, is a 30 minute artistic introduction to dance. It provides a exceptional foundation for dance by inspiring good listening habits, co-ordination, and developing motor skills.

Preschool, age 4, is a 45 minute class in ballet, tap, and acrobatics stressing co-ordination and strength. This fast paced class promotes self-esteem and confidence.

Tap/Acrobatic Combination,  ages 5 and up,  student learn tap terminology, steps, and rhythm. They also learn tricks like cartwheels, headstands, forward rolls, and splits.

Ballet, ages 6 and up,  students learn barre, adagio, and performance. Advanced students will be placed on pointe by the teacher's judgment after all the requirements are met.

Baton, ages 6 and up, is a fun class presenting twirling techniques. Twirlers are featured in all the parades.

Tap/Jazz Combination, ages 7 and up, requires 2 year of tap/ acrobatic class. More advance steps and stretching techniques are introduced.

Hip Hop, ages 10 and up. Fun classes with the new street beat with an emphasis on free style movement.

Concert Dancers are advanced students selected by audition in August for fast paced classes with a emphasis on performing. A firm foundation is ballet, tap, and jazz and dedication to learning are required for the level.

Parents are invited to the 1st week of class. the week before Christmas, and the last class.  Other classes are closed to prevent distraction.  Our policies are to ensure each child receives our up most attention.  Elite Petite parents are required to attend the first few weeks and if necessary, participate in the first few classes so your child will adjust easier.

Miss Jacie's Star System

Star System offers stars, ribbons, and trophies to be earned by students. This is to encourage effort, achievement, and good attendance. Ten Stars earns one ribbon. Five ribbons earn an Achievement trophy.

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03 Sep 2020
First Day Of Dance

Dancer of the Year 2019


My name is Sydney Young. I am 16 years old and a rising senior at MHS. I have been taking dance at Miss Jacie's School of Dance for 12 years now. I take baton, tap and jazz. I am so appreciative of this honor to be selected for Dancer of the Year. I love being Miss Kristi's helper and I am so thankful for both her and Miss Jacie for the opportunity. I love working with the younger baton classes. Every one of the girls are so sweet and thoughtful. They made my first year as Kristi's assistant fantastic and fun. I was one of the lucky few who got to go to the 2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and look forward to another chance to participate in 2020 with my dance squad. I had such an awesome time the first time around and wouldn't trade it for the world.


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